How to tone your clip-in hair extensions

Are you hair extensions a little yellow?  And you would like to bring out the ash in them? You can tone your hair extensions easily at home.

What you will need is:
* Silver / Purple Shampoo

1. Fill your basin with luke warm water
2. Add 5ml of silver shampoo to the water
3. Mix the silver shampoo and water until the water is a light purple color
4. Dip your hair extensions into the water and running your hands through the extension from top
    to bottom.
5. Keep you eye on the extensions while they tone, once you are happy with the result rinse your  
    hair extensions.
6. Towel dry your hair extensions and apply a moisture conditioner onto them, leave the 
     conditioner on for 5 minutes.
7. Rinse your hair extensions and style as desired.

NB: Never apply silver shampoo not diluted onto your hair extensions.